Pre-Season Resolutions

Sharrow Lane

Sharrow Lane

I thought I’d start with sharing some of my pre-season resolutions:

  1. Build a wheelset. This is a skill I’ve been meaning to acquire for a few years, and I’m excited to finally have the chance to apprentice under mechanics Tray, TJ, and Mitch and make a new set of wheels for a soon-to-be-mine black 46cm Surly Cross-Check.
  2. Overnight at French Creek. I can’t wait until the weather gets a little warmer to set out on my LHT and make my way out to French Creek with the rest of the Trophy Staff. It’s supposed to be beautiful, and I’ve got to get my legs back ASAP.
  3. Find a big hill, and climb it. Weighted. All cards on the table, I’m not that great at climbing hills. I psyche myself out. On my last tour (stories about that later) I started to learn how to climb: slow, calm breathing, never going so hard that you couldn’t talk your way up the hill. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many huge climbs on my tour, so I never really got enough practice to master this zen technique. It would be nice to not waste so much energy on feeling nervous.
  4. Bring back the Women*’s Flat Fixing Classes!  I think it’s important that cycling shops pay attention to and create communities for women*. In my own experience, as I learned more about bikes I became more comfortable riding longer distances and to new places.  Having the skills to fix a flat (or help another cyclist in need) can encourage people of all identifications to cycle more often. These classes will be free, they will be fun, they’ll be led by women, and they will be designed for beginners or people who need a refresher. A list of our upcoming events will be posted soon.
  5. Conquer my cycling fears. This means riding a fixed gear bike, riding clipped in, going on a long ride alone, and learning to wheelie. I’m going to do it all, and I’m going to do it all before April 1st. No joke.

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PRO TIP: if a colleague's bike is also fitted with a GAMOH JR. King porteur rack, use care to avoid bungee placement adjacency dysphoria. (BPAD)
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