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Please visit us this weekend to enjoy a lot of lower prices on every item inside our well-lit store space, including: SURLY, BROMPTON, JAMIS, FUJI, ARKEL, BREEZER, BROOKS, SCHWALBE, CONTINENTAL, ORTLIEB, CARRADICE, NITTO, PARK TOOL and MANY OTHER TOP BRANDS.  We will also debut our ridiculous $1 / $5 / $10 table!  ATTENTION: PLEASE NOTE ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THESE SPECIAL PRICES cannot be COMBINED/MULTIPLIED/CROSS-BRED, etc. WITH OTHER COUPONS, SPECIALS ETC. Thanks and see you at the weekend! 

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When you close the street to cars, look what ends up happening... @visionzero @bicyclecoalition @phillyfreestreets @phillypedals @streetsdept @philaparkandrec
Hmmm, make up your mind, One Riverside!
One of Philadelphia's most preposterous pieces of public art, "Freedom", by Zenos Frudakis--or "Four Stages of the Brompton Unfold" -- as we call it!
MIRACLES HAPPEN! Went back an hour later, thinking, "Maybe I move these steenkeeng cones again..." and -Dag!- the contractors had apparently heeded my cranky, "Someone's gonna get killed here..." and brought more cones and properly protected the bike lane. Yeah, the Lane Closed Ahead sign could be in a better spot--but there's actual biking room. Thanks, Contractor Guys! @bicyclecoalition @schuylkillsarah @phillypedals
SO I MOVED THE CONES--they protected (for 10 minutes, anyway) the bike lane and slowed the motorists down and they merged properly--OF COURSE--a stubborn hard hat stomped up and moved them back. Now it's a scary conflict zone again. "I do this for a living" he said flatly. Good for you, sport--you're still wrong!. .... @bicyclecoalition @stuartleonbicyclecrashlaw  @uofpenn @upenninstagram @phillypedals
South Street Bridge Crap Shoot: Schuylkill Ave is closed for street work--contractors ignored cyclists, used cones to turn bike lane into a nasty auto merge zone. WTF! Even more dangerous when the light is green. NO TIME or SPACE for bikes-- BUT CHECK THE NEXT 2 POSTS...! ... @bicyclecoalition @randylobasso @phillymayor @schuylkillsarah @denadriscoll @upenn_instagram
NO. Left-side, 2-block-long bike lane past diagonal parking... drivers will not have line of sight to see cyclists. And cyclists must cross two lanes to take the needed right onto Spring Garden bike lanes. But the SEPTA-Bus-First policy rules. Infra-Stubture. Screw you @bicyclecoalition @carimpunity @visionzero @septaphilly
Sunday, 4:30 pm, Spruce St. bike lane and a devout motorist parked with Delaware plates--and not even a church placard. @bicyclecoalition @phillypedals @phillymayor
Join in West Philly next Tuesday, Oct. 25 -- at Local 44; this free letter-writing session is sponsored by Yards Brewing and Trophy Bikes. We start promptly at 7pm, and bike our bundle of mail to the letter-box a bit after 9.

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