Trophy Bikes is an independent bike shop in Philadelphia, PA. We sell bikes and goods for commuting, touring, adventure & fun. We’ve been a BROMPTON bike dealer since 2004 and stock the region’s best selection of these British-made folders–as well as a complete selection of Brompton accessories and spares. We are Philly’s largest SURLY dealer. Trophy Bikes is a humble supporter of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.


The JAMIS "Coda Sport"
is our best-selling city hybrid. They go fast--and they last; we sold this one a good while back and it's still going strong. Yes, that's a bit of an unorthodox lockup arrangement; we can show a better way when you stop by the shop.
This is powered by its wearer's movements; reminds us of bicycles and the way that they can open up time itself for people!
A winning hand when you're playing the holiday gift game. Available in any amount you think is appropriate! Swing by and grab a Gift Card from Trophy Bikes--we're here from 8 am to 7 pm weekdays, 10-5 Sat. + Sun. at 712 N. 2nd St. -- that's just up the street from ArtStar, Bourbon & Branch and the 700 Club, you know?
Trophy Bikes
Words of wisdom from 1930s UK cycling writer Harold Moore. The BROMPTON folder also defies and conquers
-dimension- , along with distance. It knocks down in seconds to get past barriers that stop other bikes and tucks away easily to make your home sweet home a little bigger. @bromptonusa @bromptonsociety
Brad Mehldau on the piano; @brooksengland on the wall... Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated.

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