Trophy Bikes is an independent bike shop in Philadelphia, PA. We sell bikes and goods for commuting, touring, adventure & fun. We’ve been a BROMPTON bike dealer since 2004 and stock the region’s best selection of these British-made folders–as well as a complete selection of Brompton accessories and spares. We are Philly’s largest SURLY dealer. Trophy Bikes is a humble supporter of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.


Trophy Bikes
Words of wisdom from 1930s UK cycling writer Harold Moore. The BROMPTON folder also defies and conquers
-dimension- , along with distance. It knocks down in seconds to get past barriers that stop other bikes and tucks away easily to make your home sweet home a little bigger. @bromptonusa @bromptonsociety
Brad Mehldau on the piano; @brooksengland on the wall... Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated.
Yepp, we're changing to a new distributor for these sturdy & clever Dutch kid seats. THUS, our remaining stock (gathered for a family portrait!) is 40% off! YEPP, bring the kids.
Could it be a BROMPTON folder in that wee gift box? It's the only bike that will fit under the tree AND under your desk--and we've got a great selection in stock!
THANKFUL for my Bean Green SURLY Cross Check festooned with gear!

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