Trophy Bikes is an independent bike shop in Philadelphia, PA. We sell bikes and goods for commuting, touring, adventure & fun. We’ve been a BROMPTON bike dealer since 2004 and stock the region’s best selection of these British-made folders–as well as a complete selection of Brompton accessories and spares. We are Philly’s largest SURLY dealer. Trophy Bikes is a humble supporter of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.


NYC road riders get some good weather for their visit!
INVENTORY COMPLETED! Blizzard Over! Trophy Bikes working at full capacity, with our retro-mitey Marantz pushing out some Prince. OPEN 8a-7p Mon to Fri ; 10to5 Sat+Sun!
Have you been to Back-Roller City? @ortliebusa runs it; it's a place where the martinis are dry--and so is everything else.
Brilliant! CARRADICE "Barley" saddlebag in Limited Edition "Car Rug" Harris Tweed (woven in the outer Hebrides. NOTE: can't buy it till NOON today, that's when we open on our post/blizzard schedule.
We feel a good COMPROMISE is Opening at the CRACK of NOON tomorrow, a.k.a. Monday Jan. 25. See yawl then.

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