Trophy Bikes is an independent bike shop in Philadelphia, PA. We sell bikes and goods for commuting, touring, adventure & fun. We’ve been a BROMPTON bike dealer since 2004 and stock the region’s best selection of these British-made folders–as well as a complete selection of Brompton accessories and spares. We are Philly’s largest SURLY dealer. Trophy Bikes is a humble supporter of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.


Does your bike say this word, "Surly" on it? SURLY BIKES get into the @phillybikeexpo for FREE on SURLY SUNDAY, 11/6. Heavily-guarded indoor 🚲 parking included. @intergalacticsurlybikes
Going places! Ellen's new SURLY Long Haul Trucker, kitted out with Salsa/Tubus racks Shimano/Busch+Müller generator lighting (including USB charger jack)--add panniers and head for the horizon. @intergalacticsurlybikes @adventurecycling @ortliebusa @salsacycles @talkingbreads
When you close the street to cars, look what ends up happening... @visionzero @bicyclecoalition @phillyfreestreets @phillypedals @streetsdept @philaparkandrec
Hmmm, make up your mind, One Riverside!
One of Philadelphia's most preposterous pieces of public art, "Freedom", by Zenos Frudakis--or "Four Stages of the Brompton Unfold" -- as we call it!
MIRACLES HAPPEN! Went back an hour later, thinking, "Maybe I move these steenkeeng cones again..." and -Dag!- the contractors had apparently heeded my cranky, "Someone's gonna get killed here..." and brought more cones and properly protected the bike lane. Yeah, the Lane Closed Ahead sign could be in a better spot--but there's actual biking room. Thanks, Contractor Guys! @bicyclecoalition @schuylkillsarah @phillypedals

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